Since you found this page you probably know my name is Stephanie Kirby and I'm a content writer. I enjoy working with small businesses and mental health professionals.  I have always loved writing, but most freelance writers can say the same thing. So, what sets me apart? Why should you hire me for your copywriting and content needs?

I enjoy research.

In fact, when I was in school I LOVED writing research papers. I enjoyed the process of finding details to support what I was trying to communicate and then finding a way to make it all seem interesting. Are you wondering why that matters?

  • Your clients are overwhelmed with information online every day. If you want your website copy, blog content, or social media posts to grab their attention, they need to be higher quality. That means they need to add value while also being interesting. That combination creates shareable content.
  • I can provide original content.  It's not hard to find freelance writers online that will rewrite existing articles to sound different. But, in the end, it's still the same old ideas that someone else already published.
  • I can help you sound conversational. When mental health professionals reach out to me for content the request I hear most often is, "Can you help me sound conversational?" They don't have a problem writing about mental health topics, but they have a hard time doing it in a way that the average Joe is going to understand. That's where I come in.

I owned a small business.

My husband and I worked together to start and operate a small business. We grew it steadily for five years. It got us both out of our full-time jobs and allowed us to hire staff. Why does this matter to you?

  • I understand where you are coming from as a small business owner. You are wearing almost every hat possible in your company. There is a limited budget to work with, but you know that if you don't market your business you won't continue growing. You need some help but can't hire an employee just for marketing. I can TOTALLY relate!
  •  Our business saw substantial growth for a small business year after year. Why? Because we treated our customers right and focused on the details. We worked hard to build relationships with our customers. The small business content I write can help you accomplish this.
  • I understand how important your voice is as a small business. You are competing against businesses of every size and some that have a large marketing budget to help push their message.

I believe customer service is the #1 key in business.

I have witnessed first hand how high-quality customer service can place a business apart. Why do you think Disney World does so well? (I love Disney!) Customer service provides experiences that make clients want to continue to work with a company and recommend them to others. I believe that customer service should show through in every part of a business, including written content.

I provide the highest customer service to my clients and help them communicate the same thing to their clients. If you are serving your customers well, you want to provide them with valuable information that will help them in life. Whether it's providing a step-by-step guide, reducing stress by providing the answers they are looking for, or giving them the advice they need to accomplish a task, if your goal is to help your customer improve their life, I can help you meet that goal.

Here I am


I get that it's nice to be able to put a face with a name, so here I am. I'll be honest, this picture is a few years old. And, it's obviously not a professional headshot. I do have headshots, but they look so impersonal and "stuffy" that I avoid using them at almost all costs.

Now that you know a little about me, use this contact form to tell me a little about yourself and what you want to accomplish with your business.